With Easter quickly descending upon us all, it is time to start thinking of new and creative ways to spend time with the children. All holidays require some form of creative activities to keep children (and adults!) entertained, and Easter is one of those funny holiday breaks where the weather might be great and you can spend your days in parks and on family days out, but then it could also rain and become miserable for two weeks and you find yourself scrabbling around trying to find fun things to do inside. It’s always a tricky one. There are lots of activity books on the market aimed at keeping children entertained on miserable weather days, on long car journeys or on trips to visit friends and relatives. These books are great – often colourful and task-orientated, they provide a real focus for children. However, they are also generic and frequently repetitive in terms of content and the activities they suggest are completed. Home-made activity books that are tailored to individual children are so much better!! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6057095